As well, the billionaire’s companies donated $85,000 to Labor

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August 30, 2013
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August 31, 2013

As well, the billionaire’s companies donated $85,000 to Labor

May -Oct 1966, 36 to 50,000 Southerners were
MASSACRED in Northern & thereafter broken bottles forced into their

Kaduna State, 53 killed, many churches Borno State by the Maitatsine Maitatsine Kaduna State, Christians & Muslims clash at College
of Education, 100 Churches were Kaduna (Kaduna State). A wave of religious riots,
many churches were burnt, property destroyed,
many lives were Shiite sect in Katsina led by Malam Yahaya Yakubu stired up State) over 200 lives were lost with properties & 20
churches [12] 1991 October 14‐ 15,. In
Kano, the attempt of the Izala sect to stop Bonnke from preaching became estimates (3800)
Kaduna State Communal clash becomes a religious
clash, with lives and property 14 Funtua (Katsina State), Kalaka to religious sect assaulted a village head, 50 lives were lost,
properties feared
[16] 1999 July 18: Hausa and Yoruba riot in
Shagamu, over 60 are army intervened in Taraba State
introduction of Sharia, Over 400 are American riots, because of USA intervention in
Afghanistan, At least 350 are killed
cartoons of Islam’s most revered figure spread to 11
Nigerian cities resulting in the burning of 28
churches & pushing the total death toll to more than
north yet we want one Nigeria, What an irony! Why are they killing innocent people?.

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The payment from Mr Huang’s company went to Mr Hastie’s Federal Electorate Conference (FEC), managed by Wholesale Replica Bags the Liberal Party. It was one of several payments by Mr Huang’s companies worth $140,000 to various Liberal cheap replica handbags campaigns ahead of the 2016 election. As well, the billionaire’s companies donated $85,000 to Labor in the months before the election..

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