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April 4, 2018
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April 4, 2018

bucks if you get charged

“New Jersey already allows medical marijuana, but its law for that program is perhaps the nation’s most restrictive,” the Associated Press adds. Council voted to mostly decriminalize marijuana possession. Essentially, the bill turns a criminal offense into a civil offense that’ll cost $25 bucks if you get charged.

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“I have advocated a task force comprised of https://www.cheapjerseys28.com law enforcement, county commissioners, county council, judicial/courts, local business and representation from the public to review our current overcrowding, alternate sentencing programs and levels of incarnation for weekend offenses to alleviate overcrowding. The task force will also review building a new jail, securing funding, location, size and style of new jail. The pod style seems to provide the most efficient type, reducing the number of correction officers and maintaining the level of security and safety.

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With design, engineering, financing and other indirect costs, the stadium final price tag likely will exceed $2 billion. The stadium is projected to generate $325 million in annual revenue, based on figures in a fiscal analysis of the project by Keyser Martson Associates, a real estate development advisory firm hired by the city council.The Inglewood city council is scheduled to decide Tuesday night whether to approve the privately funded, 80,000 seat, covered roof stadium project by the Hollywood Park Land Company as part of the company plans for a 298 acre redevelopment or hold a special election on the matter on June 2. Inglewood community activists expect the council to adopt the ordinance titled the of Champions Revitalization Initiative.

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