But the trend picked up momentum in the last few seasons

Adaptational Attractiveness: The Female Furies are noticeably
March 16, 2013
It even has an R2 unit on the roof
March 16, 2013

But the trend picked up momentum in the last few seasons

One calls me doctor, he said with a laugh. Was tied up with all of that for a while but we back in the studio. I think I want to do like an EP. “This feels like another effort by designers and the fashion industry to impose some abstract vision on us Sure, some of the softer ‘pyjama’ looks are feminine and flowing, but are designers just sitting around scratching their temples trying to figure out, ‘Where have we not been before: pyjamas to dinner! That’s it!’ Pure shtick.”The fashion industry’s fascination goes back more than a decade. In the Prada 2002 spring collection, the designer included metallic gold shirts cut precisely like a pyjama top and shorts that looked like the lower half of a pyjama set. And the designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have for years included a few pyjama looks in their runway shows.But the trend picked up momentum in the last few seasons.

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