But unproductive activities were taxed highly

I looked up at a decrepit apartment building with laundry hung
May 17, 2013
“I’ll play him for his contract
May 19, 2013

But unproductive activities were taxed highly

Greeting her new class, she asks each pupil to state the occupation of each parent, which she notes in her little black book. It’s good to know how parents might benefit the school, she says, but she’s soon exploiting the details for personal gain. Someone’s mother is a hairdresser and Maria would like the latest style; soon the child of that hairdresser does better in tests.

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At the heart of the job producing ingenuity of the British tax code was the differential tax rate, dependent upon the type of activity. Uniformly low taxes on both income and capital gains, of course, would have done no good at all as there would then be no incentive for the rich to invest in business expansion. But unproductive activities were taxed highly, and productive activities a lot less so.

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