Dairy Center coordinator

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March 26, 2018
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March 26, 2018

Dairy Center coordinator

“The Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation and Northeast Iowa Community College thoroughly embrace education and technology,” said Megan Kregel, Dairy Center coordinator. “We took every step possible when the center was first built to showcase every type of technology we could, and adding the robots is one more step in the process. It’s our duty, almost, to provide such things for students and producers and consumers to view and have some experience with.”.

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Lobbyist Mullinax acknowledged some cities have thwarted the development of new housing units, but pointed out that the State Legislature is responsible as well. The elimination of redevelopment agencies, he argued, took $1 billion that was set aside for housing development off the table. The grim numbers cited by state housing advocates are based on a two year stretch, he argued, that came immediately after the recession of 2008.

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