Generally, Indians do not expect any results to come in less

When oil and gas is pumped out of the ground
February 28, 2014
I finish editing the video every year and I’m like
February 28, 2014

Generally, Indians do not expect any results to come in less

I would say that the studio warriors are getting perturbed and not the people.Generally, Indians do not expect any results to come in less than 30 years! That’s our mental make up.And I am not talking as a chartered accountant or a student of law, but as an average Indian. I feel Narendra Modi has scored a very big point politically.The message he has given to the people is that a war against black money is being fought in right earnest. And that is what is making his political opponents nervous.So, you are feel even now people trust the prime ninister.Yes, that’s why when Dr Manmohan Singh suddenly says it was organised loot and plunder, nobody is ready to believe him.The big news was that Manmohan Singh spoke and not what he spoke!The irony is that the man who never opened his mouth on the coal scam or the 2G scam is now calling demonetisation loot and plunder!People also understood that there were pain points which got accentuated by GST.Despite all these so called economic crisis, I challenge the Communists who are holding the cudgels for the poor whether they can retain the (election) deposit in even one seat in Gujarat or Himachal Pradesh.You must understand that here is somebody who took an effort to fight black money.No Indian is ready to bet whether the effort will eradicate black money fully or whether it will be eradicated for times immemorial..

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