‘I wanted to be an Instagram star

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June 21, 2013
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June 23, 2013

‘I wanted to be an Instagram star

It is the 12th such murder in the town of Kasur in a year, and has raised concern that a serial killer may be on the loose.Two people were killed on Wednesday when police fired at angry protesters in Kasur, and a local resident said schools, offices, and markets remained shut in the town on Thursday.Demonstrations were held in all cities between Faisalabad in the northeast down to Pakistan southern metropolis of Karachi.In Lahore, the provincial capital of the state where Kasur is located, protesters blocked a major road connecting the two, causing traffic between them to be suspended.Police recovered the body of Zainab Ansari from a garbage dumpster in Kasur on Tuesday, four days after she was reported missing.The chief minister of Punjab province, Shahbaz Sharif visited Ansari parents to assure them that the perpetrators would be apprehended soon, a provincial government spokesman said.has announced Rs 10 million ($90,000) for anyone giving information about the kidnapper, Punjab government spokesman Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan told Reuters. He said it could not be ruled out that the murders involved a serial killer.Members of Civil Society light candles and earthen lamps to condemn the rape and murder of 7 year old girl Zainab Ansari in Kasur, during a candlelight vigil in Islamabad, Pakistan January 11, 2018. REUTERS/Faisal MahmoodA police official speaking on condition on anonymity said two of Ansari relatives had been interrogated and 26 locals are currently in custody and being questioned.

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