Neiers didn want to go inside

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August 1, 2013
Mais pas le bobsleigh deux parce que je serais clairement
August 3, 2013

Neiers didn want to go inside

Poverty – poor, poor, poor, poor, day-to-day – Day, Yama, Diva, Wadin – poor, poor, rig, poor, poor, lustrous – Deep, Diya, pain kill – pain, pain, grief, pain, anguish, mourning, regret, misery – milk, sage, drink, gaurus, Evil-sinner, lowly, wicked person, evil, Khal, Paathant – mirror – glass, RC, mirror. Durga – Chandika, Bhavani, Kalyani, Mahagauri, Yesterday Kiva, Shiva, Chandi, Chamunda.
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Signs of Pressure
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