Now that you own a business (even a simple sole proprietorship)

But moves stemming from an unforeseen rent hike or no cause
September 10, 2013
Michigan State has not allowed an offensive touchdown in three
September 14, 2013

Now that you own a business (even a simple sole proprietorship)


The struggle towards the freedom and restoration of our home, nation and country Biafra is our collective responsibility as a people, a nation truly in dire need for the restoration of a home and the country we all will be happy to call our own..but the question
How ready are we?, what have we done enough?, as we continue to wait for God own time.. The actual time to say bye to the fraudulent British experiment called Nigeria

This question comes at this point in time when all are set and the tools for the journey to our freedom are ready to be applied to make the journey easier, simple and straight… We have all it takes to get to the promise land without the lost of any soul as its been happening…but the question is….

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Perhaps you’ve been comfortable preparing your own tax returns when you were an employee. Now that you own a business (even a simple sole proprietorship), the consensus among experienced business advisors is simply this when it comes to preparing your business tax returns, don’t try this at home. Swallow any “I can do it myself” pride and get some help..

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Savannah State broke the game open with a 15 0 run that saw four different players score. Zach Sellers hit a pair of Fake Handbags 3 points and a layup, Jenkins and Dasent both made 3 pointers and Fenner added a free throw. That run gave the Tigers a commanding 70 46 lead with 12:52 left..

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