Smart woman, she waited awhile, and when she came out, found

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January 16, 2014
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January 17, 2014

Smart woman, she waited awhile, and when she came out, found

KM (Thats the name, or am I wrong?) did nothing for me. I just had to have it! And, truth be told, my husband rather liked it. :):). According to the waitress on duty that day, Dorothy Novack, the group chatted awhile in Italian at a table by the window, then asked to see the menu. She went into the kitchen, and a moment later heard gun shots. Smart woman, she waited awhile, and when she came out, found Willie dead on the floor, lying next to one of the tables.

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Being a dog centric person, I became aware of Trussardi through its advertisements in L’Uomo Vogue. I loved the Trussardi greyhound logo, and even, blush, wanted a Trussardi walking stick with the dog’s head handle. (I’ve always had a bad back, so this “wish” wasn’t purely a dandy ish whim of a 20 year old; when my back went out, I’d have an interesting and beautiful “aid,” wouldn’t I?).

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