April 23, 2014

Such relationships cannot work otherwise

So now because you try to make your self look good and get your photos on the internet and tell everyone where it is they can […]
April 22, 2014

Later attempted against Shockwave by Optimus

Calia and Amber. In canon, they are Super Weight 4s who can instantly turn their opponents into solids/gas for a One Hit Kill if any of […]
April 19, 2014

Maybe at that next yard sale I’ll find it

Eileen Quinlan makes bold photographic works that range from bright abstractions to dark, organic landscapes. Created by taking detail shots of commonplace objects and materials, they […]
April 12, 2014

Thomas was given command of Union forces in eastern Kentucky

BELLONI: I think it is true to a certain extent. I talk to people around town a lot, and people are shocked and embarrassed. And they […]