The public service derives its true meaning from its mandate

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January 6, 2014
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January 7, 2014

The public service derives its true meaning from its mandate

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cheap goyard Not limited in participation of the public but encouraged involvement.Services to citizens; Providing and upholding the moral and ethical standard in regards to meeting the needs of citizens through institutions and bureaucracies.First, a ‘new’ theory should start with the ideal of democratic citizenship. The public service derives its true meaning from its mandate to serve citizens to advance the public good. This is the raison d’tre of the institution, the source of motivation and pride of all those who choose to make it their life, whether for a season or for an entire career.Main Features of new public administration[edit]These are:Responsiveness: The administration should bring about certain internal as well as external changes so that public administration could be made more relevant to the social, economic, political and technological environment cheap goyard.

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