The really interesting part of the S>I problem is that

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October 12, 2013
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October 15, 2013

The really interesting part of the S>I problem is that

Matchmaking algorithm for quick games has been improved.5. Fixed a rare error, causing nonmirror matches. Earlier, it was possible to have a Poland+Poland vs Turkey+Turkey matchup, instead of even nation distribution between teams.6. The really interesting part of the S>I problem is that, in theory, there are key mechanisms in the economy that should automatically kick in and repair the disequilibrium. The currency of the country with a trade deficit should fall relative to the currency of the surplus country, boosting the (now cheaper) exports of the former and suppressing the (now more expensive) exports of the latter. But the surplus country can jam that mechanism by manipulating the exchange rate to keep their currency cheap relative to that of their competitors..

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