Twenty (Jeddah and Dhanhotra

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October 15, 2013
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October 18, 2013

Twenty (Jeddah and Dhanhotra

The account takes two steps:Step (i): “The unrealized possibility of the table being in a different position from the one it is in is identical to the unexercised ability of an agent with sufficient power to move the table in question.”Step (ii): “Knowing a merely possible state of affairs, then, is knowing something actual, namely, an agent actual, but unexercised, ability to bring about the state of affairs in question.”4) Bill’s tentative proposal is neat. In Step (i) Bill proposes to think of an unrealized but possible state of affairs such as the position of a table as identical to an unrealized but possible state of affairs such as a certain ability an agent has to move the table in a given position. Since we do have knowledge of the sort of unrealized but possible state of affairs consisting of an ability of an agent to move tables around, we simply substitute identical states of affairs in the doxastic context of ‘a knows that’ and get the conclusion that we have knowledge of the unrealized but possible state of affairs of the position of the table.

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2. Twenty (Jeddah and Dhanhotra, on the decoration)

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Sher Mohammad Chelia Sialal Jung 24-12- 2017

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