You grab some and smear it all over the burn

I feel no shame in taking loads of strips home
March 9, 2013
Show me what you have! Or maybe we like kids trading our
March 13, 2013

You grab some and smear it all over the burn

According to MOCA, “Rebel” will go about “fracturing the themes and events housed within the original film and reframing them in an unresolved conceptual amalgam.” Artists Damon and Paul McCarthy will participate with a film that revisits Franco’s role in “James Dean,” the hilariously bad 2001 TNT biopic that first brought the lookalike actor to notice. Douglas Gordon, meanwhile, is contributing a multi channel video on method acting featuring Dennis Hopper’s son, Henry, while Harmony Korine offers an updated look of the 1955 film’s classic knife fight scene, with the original brawlers replaced by Franco and a mob of bike riding women wielding machetes. Apparently Ed Ruscha is also involved in some capacity as a narrator, and Aaron Young will be offering up footage of car and motorcycle crashes..

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